Technical Documents


Insul-Tek® Dual-Con FRPThe FRP system provides “double protection” for your underground piping systems.

Insul-Tek® Dual-Con FRP Casing & Pyrogel InsulationThe carrier pipe insulation is done with Pyrogel, held together by stainless steel.

Insul-Tek® 250 Steel Piping SystemUsed above and below ground, this steel system utilizes isocyanate polyurethane foam insulation.

Insul-Tek® 250 Steel System with F.R.P. Casing Our 250 Steel Piping System with F.R.P. casing. Used for systems ranging in temperature from -350° F to 250°F.

Insul-Tek® 250 Copper System This systems is ideal for both hot and cols applications.

Insul-Tek® 250 FRP Intended for systems with service temperatures up to 250° F and maximum pressures up to 150 psig.

Insul-Tek® Ductile Iron Offers the advantages of having the physical strengths of mild steel and the longevity of gray iron.

Insul-Tek® H.D.P.E. System High density polyethylene (H.D.P.E.) conforming to ASTM D-3350 pipe, with operating temperatures from -50° F to 140° F.

Insul-Tek® PVC System The low initial cost coupled with relative ease of installation and resultant low installation costs make it the ideal choice for many low-temperature applications.

Insul-Tek® Fiber-Clad® HT Steel Conduit Underground piping system with carbon steel carrier piping.

Insul-Tek® Fiber-Clad® Double Wall Containment Piping Includes a Leak Detection / Location System and a backfilled conduit system.