Leak Detection Systems

Continuous Sensor Cable Leak Detection System

Insul-Tek® offers the Pentair Tracetek Continuous Sensor Cable Leak Detection System for use in its double wall containment piping systems. The Tracetek cable provides distributed sensing; responding to a leak at any point along its length, the sensor activates an alarm and a locator module, which in turn pinpoints the location of the leak. The Tracetek System offers (3) three different cables to sense different fluid types water, aqueous liquid (acids, bases, water) and hydrocarbons (fuels and solvents). The Tracetek technology is not recommended for use in high-temperature preinsulated piping systems or in polyurethane foam preinsulated piping systems. Insul-Tek® will provide engineering assistance and budgetary pricing of all types of leak detection systems available in today's market place.

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Leak Detection System for Polyurethane Foam Insulated Steel Piping
Insul-Tek® 250 Steel System
Insul-Tek® can supply an Electric Resistant Monitoring Leak Detection System for preinsulated steel piping systems (Insul-Tek® 250 Steel System). The ERM System utilizes a bare copper wire that is embedded in the polyurethane foam insulation. Polyurethane foam in a non-conductor of electricity, therefore there will be a very high resistance of continuity between the bare copper wire and the steel service pipe. If the polyurethane foam insulation becomes wet, the water will complete the circuit and the resistance between the steel service pipe and the copper wire will be very low, approaching near zero as shown on an OHMS meter. The leak detection system incorporates an alarm panel which will send a audible or visual signal warning of the leak. The location of the leak can be pin pointed with a Time Domain Reflectometer (TDR), Insul-Tek® can assist in accomplishing this task.

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Low-Point Probe Leak Detection System

Insul-Tek® can supply complete turn-key Low-Point Leak Detection Monitoring Systems capable of detecting water or hydrocarbons. This type of system utilizes a probe which is located within a low-point containment area such as a sump, valve pit, etc. The double wall containment piping system is pitched towards the low-point contained vessel such as a sump. In the event of a carrier pipe leak the fluid will drain towards the low-point coming in contact with the probe which sets off an alarm. This type of system is easy to install and an inexpensive alternative to continuous cable type leak detection systems. Insul-Tek® can provide design assistance as well as budgetary pricing for your needs.

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