Heat Trace Systems

Insul-Tek® offers Heat Tape Traced Systems as well as Skin-Effect Heat Traced Systems.

Heat Tape Traced Systems:
Heat Tape Traced Systems are an economical method of heating fluids in a preinsulated piping system for the purpose of maintaining a fluid temperature or for freeze protection. Typically these types of systems are supplied with a tube or channel attached to the service pipe through which the heat cable is pulled. This allows for access to the cable should maintenance or replacement be required. Insul-Tek® can assist in the design and engineering of the Heat Tape Tracing Systems. Contact us now for a quote.

Skin-Effect Heat Traced System:
Skin-Effect Heat Traced Systems are ideal for use on long runs of piping. The design can incorporate a single end power feed or a midpoint power feed connection. The Skin-Effect Heat Trace System will consist of an electrical cable inside a carbon steel heat tube which is continuously welded the entire length to the steel service pipe. Please Consult Insul-Tek® for complete design assistance.