250 Steel Piping System

Insul-Tek® 250 Steel Piping System

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Preinsulated piping systems for above and below ground use for service temperatures up to 250° F.

Typical Uses:

Hot Water
Chilled Water
Fuel Oil
Process Piping
Condensate Lines

Preinsulated Steel Pipe


Insul-Tek® 250 Steel System is intended for use on systems ranging in temperature from -350° F to 250 ° F. It is suitable for use above and below ground. Insul-Tek® 250 Steel utilizes the most energy efficient insulation available today, isocyanate polyurethane foam.

The standard protective casings utilized in the system are PVC, HDPE, and FRP. Optional casings, including steel and aluminum, are available.

Insul-Tek® 250 Steel is available in 20' or 40' lengths. Fittings can be prefabricated or field fabricated as site conditions dictate.