PVC Pipe System

Insul-Tek® PVC System

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Preinsulated piping systems for above and below ground use on systems involving low temperatures.

Typical Uses:

Chilled Water
Condenser Water
Process Piping

PVC Pipe Insulation Syracuse NY


Insul-Tek® PVC System is a totally factory fabricated, insulated and jacketed piping system supplied in 20 FT. lengths. Virtually all types and grades of PVC carrier pipe can be utilized within our INSUL-TEK® PVC system including Gasketed Bell and Spigot joint as well as solvent weld type joint. The use of the gasketed bell joint PVC carrier pipe offers the distinct advantage of accommodating for expansion and contraction within a piping system, therefore eliminating the need for costly expansion devices.

The low initial cost of this system coupled with relative ease of installation and resultant low installation costs make it the ideal choice for many low-temperature applications.

The standard casings for below ground use are PVC and HDPE. The spiral lockseam galvanized steel and aluminum casings are normally utilized on above ground systems. However, optional casings ore available. Please consult the Casing Selection Guide for additional information.