Dual-Con F.R.P.

Insul-Tek® Dual-Con FRP

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Typical Uses:

Steam and Condensate Distribution
District Heating and Cooling
High-Temperature Hot Water
Process Fluids Drainable, Dryable, Air Testable, Class “A”
Steel Conduit system utilizing a non-corrosive
Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (F.R.P.) Exterior Casing

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Insul-Tek® Dual-Con FRP is the ideal system for use on those sites that pose the most difficult of conditions for an underground preinsulated piping system. The FRP system provides “double protection” for your underground piping systems.

The Dual Con FRP system utilizes two (2) separate protective casings. The Exterior Casing is a Corrosion Proof, non-metallic Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) casing, which is filament wound directly onto the void-free spray applied polyurethane foam insulation. Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) casings have much higher heat limitations than thermal plastic casings such as H.D.P.E. The Inner Casing is a Steel Conduit which provides the strength of steel and is easily welded in the field and air tested to prove its integrity (tightness). The Dual-Con FRP system utilizes Two (2) different types of Insulation Systems, an Exterior Layer of the most thermally efficient Polyurethane Foam insulation, in conjunction with an Inner Layer of High-Temperature Insulation consisting of mineral wool, Foamglas®, calcium silicate or perlite insulation. Insul-Tek® FRP is manufactured to withstand the most severe and corrosive conditions that can be found in an underground heat distribution site. Dual-Con FRP is both the most thermally efficient system and the most corrosion resistant preinsulated piping system available today.